Clean Seed And The SMART Seeder™ Live Demonstrations A Big Hit At AG In Motion 2016!

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Jim Walker, Former CASE IH Vice President of North America, Joins Clean Seed Board of Directors...
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Jim Walker, Former CASE IH Vice President of North America, Joins Clean Seed Board of Directors...


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This event afforded Clean Seed the opportunity to directly showcase the functionality and related benefits of the CX-6 Smart Seeder directly to farmers, industry professionals, our shareholders and the general public who have been following our progress for the past few years. Our Smart Cart also turned heads with our patented “refill on the fly” – Velocity Fill System, another industry first!

Colin Rosengren – VP, Product Development training some members of the Rocky Mountain Sales Team on the logistical benefits of the SMART Cart™ and our patented Velocity Fill System.

Two of our award winning SMART Seeders™ were on display over the duration of the 3-day event. One in our static display zone supported by our partner, Rocky Mountain Equipment, and the other running daily live seeding demonstrations giving attendees the chance to walk and follow the CX-6 over the seeded rows to see for themselves the direct benefits this technology offers. Stay tuned for company video showcasing the event.

Curtis Borduzak – General Manager, Ag Sales Support

“It was great to see customers engaged in learning about the Clean Seed SMART Seeder. Our staff were able to learn a lot from walking around the machines with Clean Seed engineers, designers and management. The live demonstration portion was a great confidence builder in identifying Clean Seed’s position as a welcome new entry into the seeding marketplace!”

The Clean Seed Team is also proud to have been invited to participate in the opening ceremonies along with show/event management and government officials to kick off this year’s AG in Motion event.

Opening ceremony remarks from our President & CEO – Graeme Lempriere

There is no doubt that the show was a huge success for Clean Seed, Rocky Mountain Equipment and event management with an enthusiastically crowded show garnering a record number of attendees.

Colin explaining the agronomic benefits of our unique patented triple shot opener design after a LIVE SMART Seeder™ demonstration pass.

Rob O’Connor – Ag In Motion – Show Director “I am thrilled with how the second edition of Ag in Motion turned out. The number of exhibits increased by 63% over last year’s show and attendance grew to 16,566 which was a 44% increase. The amount of space used for demonstrations doubled and there was an additional 49 acres of crop plot demonstrations compared to the first show. We launched an all new program featuring several innovations that were on display at Ag in Motion 2016. Part of our unique innovations program was inclusion of the Clean Seed CX-6 SMART Seeder. In fact we were so impressed with the SMART Seeder and the potential behind its technology that we requested to have it as part of our official opening ceremony this year. In addition to opening ceremony we also began our equipment demonstration programs each day with the SMART Seeder There is absolutely no doubt that that SMART Seeder created lots of interest and was one of the highlights of our show. We hope to see the Clean Seed Team and the SMART Seeder return for Ag In Motion 2017!”

The SMART Seeder received an overwhelming amount of support from farmers across the prairies with a genuine interest and desire to learn about what the SMART Seeder™ and its related technologies can offer their farms and the industry as a whole.

Thank you to Rob O’Connor and his management team at Ag In Motion. Thank you to everyone who attended and took the time to see the live demonstrations.  Thank you to the Rocky Mountain Equipment Team for your unwavering support.  And lastly, thank you to the Clean Seed and WS Steel team for your continued tireless effort to bring our SMART Seeder technology to the market.

See you next year!


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Clean Seed And The SMART Seeder™ Live Demonstrations A Big Hit At AG In Motion 2016!

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